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David’s knowledge of Workers’ Compensation blew me away when he came in and uncovered $42,000 in overcharges. I would recommend David’s book to any company looking to make a positive impact on their Workers’ Compensation premiums.


— Alex Yawney, Odyssey Communications

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Would you bet the survival of your entire business on a flip of a coin?


I found Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged extremely helpful. It is an easy read that focuses on the key reasons why businesses are overpaying on their workers’ compensation insurance. As Mr. Leng points out, the problem is that business owners do not fully understand all the intricacies of this insurance and need to educate themselves. Do you understand your mod? The importance of and when your modifier calculation is made? If you were an underwriter, how would you judge yourself as a risk? What is your Risk Profile? How is your broker assisting with your claims? These and about a dozen more are the key questions finance professionals should be asking themselves. A must read for all those who pay workers’ comp, as well as the agents and brokers selling this insurance should probably read and learn from this book.

— David Kay, book purchaser posted on Amazon.com

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David Leng, CWCA,






I never thought in a million years I’d be buying a book on insurance. But then again, if you asked me a few years back, I never thought I’d be running a business.

So.. I thought it was time to step-up and stop putting learning more about this important topic.

Once on Amazon, and with only a bit of searching, David’s publication presented itself. The sub-headline is what did it for me so spending the 9.99 was a no-brainer.

I don’t play cards, but the analogy simplified things for me anyways.

Once I finish this book (nearly there) I feel I’ll be able to get better value out of my insurance dealings with which ever broker I decide on.

A must read for any business owner who admits to themselves they’re not an expert on insurance.

Looking forward to David’s next publication[...]

Great work David!

— Andre, book purchaser posted on Amazon.com


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