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9 months ago I hired David and his East Coast Risk Management to implement their Risk Solutions Program. As a result, I just saved $57,494 on my insurance renewal. Duncan met with me and my employees, toured my facility and put together an aggressive Risk Solutions Business Plan. They started implementing immediately and are in our plant several times each and every month.


Working together, we have now taken back control of what was....an "out of control" Workers Compensation Program.


Because of the David, I saved 42% of my premium at my very next renewal!


What’s even better…I already know we have even more savings coming next year by continuing to work with them.”

— Robert Gottlieb, Gottlieb, Inc.

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"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it."

- Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) c.1884

Helping business leaders to understand how well their organization is performing is more than just looking at the bottom line.  There are key indicators that will foreshadow how well a business is performing, and most executives do not see or learn of these until things are going wrong...


Is the business improving or trending in the wrong direction? There are certain data points we suggest every executive analyze every year, so a business can benchmark your progress. These can be complied into what we refer to as Your Executive Briefing.


Your Executive Briefing includes:


Minimum Experience Modifier – How low can a business' experience modifier go? If you do not know this, how can a business benchmark how much extra money claims are costing them?


Controllable Experience Modifier – The gap between the current experience modifier and the desired, minimum experience modifier. In essence, the controllable modifier the difference in additional premium as business is currently are paying over their minimum experience modifier.


Ultimate Cost of Loss, a.k.a. Your Payback Ratio – For each dollar the insurance company spends for an injury, how much is a business paying back to the insurance company for that injury over the three years that it impacts their experience modifier?


Actual Losses versus Expected Losses – Is the business doing better or worse than average? This report shows a business leader a year by year comparison of how much claim dollars are in comparison to what the rating bureau expected based on their reported payrolls.


Experience Modifier State Ranking – In some states, business can measure their performance against their peers


Incident Statistics – The safer a business is, the better performing they are. A year by year snapshots of injury data: number of injuries, number of lost time injuries, number of near misses, OSHA Recorable Rate, OSHA Dart Rate, experience modifier history, new employee injury rate, number of auto accidents, or any statistic a business merits.


HR Statistics – A year by year snapshots of a business' employment data: employee turnover rate, new employee turnover rate, average tenure of employee, or any statistic a business merits.


Insurance Statistics – How does the insurance world view a business? Many times the insurance industries perception as to a business' risks can also foretell how well a business is actually operating: A year by year snapshots of your insurance data: Workers' Comp Net Rate per $100 payroll, General Liability Net rate per $1,000 of revenue, Auto Liability Net Rate per powered vehicle, Property Rate per $1,000 of coverage.


Trending Your Statistics –  If a business are growing, a business should use all of the above statistics using as a consistent comparative basis such as full time equivalent employees, hours worked, or total operational payroll to that the change in size of your company does not skew the statistics.


Benchmark results. If you do not measure it, you cannot determine if you are doing a good job or not.



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