Insured to Fail

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Would you bet your entire business on a flip of a coin?


No rational business owners would do so, but statistics show otherwise...


Most businesses that are affected by a significant event either never reopen, or close within 3-5 years. I have seen "experts" state that 70% or 80% will fail from such an event. The clearest statistic comes from the Institute or Business & Home Safety who states that 25% will not reopen, and 25% will go out of business within 3 years. A flip of a coin! And this statistic does not even contemplate natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina!


So if a fire wipes out your business, would you reopen and survive? You are now most likely thinking "YES! I have insurance that will pay to replace my building, equipment, inventory, computers, etc..."


But these statistics are showing that you are flipping that coin as these businesses were insured too!


So, the only possibilities I could come up with for this incredible statistic that 1/2 of business go out of business even though they were insured are:


  1. They did not have a decent plan on how to rebuild, reopen, and regain customers
  2. They could not come up with a decent plan on how to rebuild, reopen, and regain customers
  3. They were not "properly insured" despite buying coverage to pay their significant claim


Why is that?  You will learn directly from those survivors and those failures.  In the book, Insured to Fail, we will explore the untimely exit of an owner, significant employee or crucial customer and what you should do to avoid being a statistic yourself.


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