You are amazing!  David found that my experience modifier was WRONG!!!!  Not one of the dozen plus agents that I spoke to previously saw that!  David was able to get my experience modifier corrected, and my insurance companies had to return over $86,000 to me!

David and his team helped us implement all of these changes to our safety, hiring and injury management very quickly, which made us much more attractive to insurance companies. And 3 months later, he was able to leverage what he did for us and obtain an insurance policy at our renewal that was over $100,000 lower.

In a span of 4 months, David put almost $200,000 back in my pocket!

— Mark S. Duda, Duda Cable & Construction

Understanding Risk Profile Improvement

So, you want to reduce premiums?


Insurance is based on the principal of someone taking on RISK in exchange for an amount of MONEY (also known as a premium). Agents may tell business leaders it’s based on sales, payroll, or even how many vehicles a business has, but that is only part of the equation… Those are only the  “exposures” as you will see below.


PREMIUM = Exposures x Rates x Credits/Surcharges/Modifiers x Experience Rating


A BUSINESS control the exposures. The UNDERWRITER controls the rates that that will be paid. Guess what? The rates and credits used by an underwriter are not set in stone. Insurance company underwriter will use rates and credits based on what they perceive A BUSINESS' RISK to be.




Getting more agents to quote insurance is not  going to achieve the premium reduction that business leaders want. To really reduce premium, businesses need make their company more attractive to insurance companies. To achieve this, businesses need to improve their Risk Profile.


Learn about our award-winning* Risk Profile Improvement ProcessTM, that will help a business to identify, design and build a better profile, and thus, dramatically reduce their premium.


Learn about Risk Profile Improvement is today!


Contact us now to schedule a program to understand Risk Profile Improvement, and see how your members can lower their expenses!

* - In 2008, David was named the Institute of WorkComp Professionals' Advisor of the Year award due to the results of his Risk Profile Improvement Process for his clients.

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