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Eliminating the Errors and Overcharges in Your Workers' Compensation Program

Webinar  - Tuesday, August 28, 2018  11:00am  (Approx 60 Minutes)

Workers’ compensation and its experience modifier can be confusing and packed with errors and overcharges. Too many times business leaders are given wrong information on how the modifier is calculated and what impacts your premium. Now you can learn what you can and should be doing to truly reduce your premium.

  • The common areas that cause employers to be overcharged
  • How to better influence underwriters to get lower rates
  • Improving your insurance shopping experience
  • How insurance companies get you to pay for your claims
  • Most importantly - Learn what insurance agents won't tell you!


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The Top 5 Most Misunderstood Issues Impacting Workers’ Compensation

Webinar  - Thursday, June 7th  10:00am  (Approx 45 Minutes)

Workers’ compensation can be more complex (and costly) than you might think. We will explore the top 5 areas that employers find confusing about workers’ compensation: coordinating workers’ comp with other employee benefits and regulations, knowing when and where are employee injuries covered when they leave the state or country, understanding the true cost of employee injuries, how work comp premiums are determined, and effectively establishing and benchmarking workers’ comp goals.


Changing the Insurance Game

Webinar  - Wednesday, March 21st  10:00am  (Approx 45 Minutes)

When business owners become frustrated with their workers’ compensation they typically feel the need to shop their insurance to find relief, however, many still feel overcharged as they continually pay more in insurance premiums than insurance companies pay out in claims on their behalf.

Learn why a rapidly growing number of businesses are turning to Alternative Risk Financing Programs, such as Captives and Group Captives, which allow business owner to keep their underwriting profits and dramatically lower their insurance costs.

In this webinar, you will learn how captives function, what are the various types of captives, and why using a captive to insure your business or employee health insurance may benefit you and your company.

PLUS: There will be a preview of the topics covered and speakers at the April 25th Pittsburgh Captive Workshop at Oakmont Country Club, in which David Leng will be one of the presenters.


Audit Your Premium Audits

Webinar  - Thursday, April 19th 10:00am  (Approx 30 Minutes)

There is more unnecessary money wasted here by employers than you will ever realize. The Institute of Work Comp Professionals (IWCP) has compiled data from the Advisors they educate around the country and have found that 75% of all audits are incorrect. You read this correctly; it is 75%.

With over 600 Classification Codes, and over 17 types of payroll that should not be included, chances are your audit contains errors resulting in you being overcharged!

In this webinar you will learn how the Auditor’s Process to conducting audits routinely leads to errors in the insurance company’s favor, and what you need to do to be properly prepared. And, learn how you can even recover lost audit money!

So, if you want to build an Error & Overcharge Free Premium Audit and make sure you are not overpaying even one dollar, simply signup for the webinar and you will receive our complete AuditCheckTM Program FREE as well!

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How Does the Insurance Company Determine Your Premium Today?

Webinar  - Thursday October 26th, 2017  10:00am  (Approx 30 Minutes)

The speed and access to data via the Internet, and predictive analytical models, have dramatically reshaped how insurance companies determines how much they will charge for coverage. The use of data that you provide them, and that they research and obtain on you, such as Dunn & Bradstreet and OSHA.gov, will help them to create a Risk Profile Score on your business.

This webinar will give you insight on what you can do to improve your Risk Profile Score in order to reduce your premiums.


The Ever-Evolving World of Work Comp Fraud

Webinar  - Thursday December 7th, 2017  10:00am  (Approx 45 Minutes)

The Top 5 Areas of Workers' Compensation Fraud Today: why and how it’s happening, and what you can do to combat it.


5 Ways to Defend Against the Work Comp Industry's Payback Ratio

Webinar  - Thursday August 24th, 2017  10:00am  (Approx 45 Minutes)

The Work Comp Payback Ratio® is how the insurance industry calculates the increases to your premiums due to your employee injuries. In this webinar, you will understand how they calculate Work Comp Payback Ratio® and learn 5 ways to minimize how much you will pay to the insurance companies.


Demystifying the Workers' Compensation Experience Modifier

Webinar  - June 20th, 2017  2:00pm  (Approx 45 Minutes)

What drives your workers' compensation premium is more than you realize. 10% of Experience Modifiers are wrong and 90% are mismanaged, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Understand how your experience modifier is calculated, how identify errors in it, how to benchmark how well you are doing using it, and ultimately, what the impact of it is on your wallet.

Plus, you will learn more on how insurance companies select your rates and final premium!


Post-Catastrophe: Is Your Business Insured to Fail?

Due to popularity, we have added a second date.

Webinar  - May 23rd, 2017  9:00am  (Approx 30 Minutes)

Due to popular request, we are offering a second date.

Statistics show that over 50% of businesses do not reopen or close shortly thereafter following a catastrophic event, despite being insured. Why is that? What do you need to do to avoid being on the wrong side of that statistic?


Post-Catastrophe: Is Your Business Insured to Fail?

Webinar  - April 25th, 2017  1:00pm  (Approx 30 Minutes)

Statistics show that over 50% of businesses do not reopen or close shortly thereafter following a catastrophic event, despite being insured. Why is that? What do you need to do to avoid being on the wrong side of that statistic?


Sweeping OSHA Changes & Latest Work Comp Trends

March 2, 2017

Presented to the Pennsylvania School Bus Association

Understanding how the latest OSHA regulation changes as well as the latest workers compensation and red flag injuries trends impact businesses.


Don't Let a Good Hire Go Bad

February 16, 2017

Discover how addressing the root causes of new employees being injured more frequently can improve the success of a hiring an employee by bridging the gap between the hiring and handing them off to operations.

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